17 - 19 kesä 2022


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Yin Your Life: Yin Yoga & Meditation Weekend

MEET YOURSELF ON THE YINSIDE – Yin Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat with Anouk Hummel
I warmly and enthusiastically welcome you to join me for a Yin Yoga & Meditation weekend retreat (17-19 June) in lovely Puumala by Lake Saimaa!
This retreat is all about meeting yourself in full openness and honesty. For me, as well as a practitioner as a teacher, Yin Yoga is the practice of truly becoming aware of our inner landscapes.
Through in-depth Yin Yoga workshop sessions and Meditations, I guide you into deeply connecting to what is alive within you on all levels and into learning how to be and stay truly present with yourself and your inner life. This weekend allows you to experience the deeper meaning of Yin Yoga & Meditation in your daily life.
Our retreat takes place at the lovely Metsäsydän (Forest Heart), located in Puumala in Southern Savonia, surrounded by the beautiful lake Saimaa. Puumala is a small archipelago town and Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest lake in Europe.
This weekend retreat is open to all who are interested in Yin Yoga & Meditation and how these practices can deepen and enrich their experience of (daily) life. All sessions are open to all levels of experience. No prior experience with yoga and meditation is needed for this retreat.
Please find all information and registration options via:
Let’s meet on the YinSide in Puumala!
Much love, Anouk