Metsäsydän, Forest heart

Welcome to our home, to our heart space!

Metsäsydän is located in Puumala by the lake Saimaa. Puumala is a small archipelago town and Saimaa is the fourth largest lake in Europe. It takes 10 minutes or 12 kilometers to travel from the town centre to our place. On the way here you can find one of the most popular and beautiful hiking trails in Finland, called Norppapolku.

Metsäsydän is an old family farm that still in the 90’s was a home also for cows, chickens and pigs. Maria and Olli moved here in summer of 2018 and started to renovate the place towards the dream they have. Olli’s family have lived here from the beginning of 1900 and the place has changed together with time and nature. Now it is the time for Forest heart, time for healing and strengthening from within.

Karhusali, Bear hall, is the central place of Forest heart. It is a 100 m2 Yoga shala that has been renovated in 2020 to an old cow barn. The barn has been made of huge stones carried from near by areas and built by hand in 1937. The name Bear hall comes from a meeting of Mother bear with her two cubs and Maria with her two dogs in 2019 on the field next to the barn. The meeting was full of magic, like a welcoming moment with nature and the new era of the place. Other rooms and halls have also been named after wild animals Maria and Olli have seen in the area, like the barn used in summertime for weddings and bigger happenings is called Maraalisali, Casbian red deer hall.

The bedrooms, of course named after common birds, are located in the upstairs of Maria’s and Olli’s home, the main house. The five bedrooms are about 30m2 each for two persons. The kitchen is located upstairs and also a shared toilet and a shower. These five bedrooms are in use all year around. In an old barn building, Aitta, there are 2-4 more bedrooms that can be used only during warm summer nights. Aitta-rooms are named simpy with numbers and are also rather simply decorated with no modern luxury, just electricity. If you are staying in Aitta, you can use the toilets of Karhusali.

Since we are located by the most beautiful lake Saimaa, you can find a sauna by the lake. The sauna is used only during summer-time. In winter-time we often do a hole in the ice, so the brave ones can enjoy ice swimming or a dip. Then the sauna building is used as a changing place with a small heater. Sauna is rather small and simple, but the surrounding nature is the most beautiful and amazing.

With all the nature and wild animals we share the farm with our two dogs, a golden retriever Rolle and a labrador Roku and two persian cats, Gandalf and Princess Adele. The pets are not allowed to the bedrooms or to Karhusali, but keep in mind that the space is not allergy free.

The food we serve here is automatically vegetarian and as local as possible. To bigger happenings and retreats we have a local restaurant who makes the food ready and to smaller happenings we do the magic ourselves. In Forest heart the main ingredients to meals are made with love and enjoyed in good company.